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Our Therapeutic Services

At BMS Alignment we have an array of services to suit any needs in trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and a wide range of addictions including sex, porn, love, and substance abuse. Please select from one of the services below to learn more. 

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    Is your child having angry outbursts, feeling sad and down, or isolating and lacking motivation? The early years can be challenging for some teens causing them to feel depressed, anxious, and displaying other mental health disorders. Mental health issues might not be as evident to parents who may not recognize anger outbursts as an indicator of a child needing help. Depending on the severity of symptoms or behaviors, individual and or family sessions might be highly beneficial. 


    Nonetheless, in many instances, family involvement and psychoeducation can enhance the therapeutic process. Therapy can help children process their emotions, improve their ability to self-soothe, challenge unhealthy or attention-seeking behaviors, increase their self-esteem, and improve connections with family members.


BMS Alignment provides high-quality psychotherapeutic services. Our staff specializes in creating a treatment that is unique and individualized. We pride ourselves on creating a safe place where all diverse groups are welcomed. We believe that emotions are a natural part of the human experience yet it is difficult to cope with negative and painful emotions stemming from trauma or other triggering events.


Negative emotions may lead one to feel stuck and resort to unhealthy behaviors in order to cope, which may include anger, and/or compulsive behaviors and addictions. In other instances, one may find themselves internalizing the negative beliefs and emotions and trying to repress or avoid them, which may lead to their symptoms worsening. Despite the activating events or triggers, we may feel stuck and as though life has become unmanageable.


Being open to change and taking the first step in seeking therapy is already a forward movement towards deeper healing, creating more understanding, and exploring healthier ways to cope to find a genuine sense of fulfillment in your life.

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   Relationships can provide happiness and fulfillment, however even in the healthiest relationships conflict is inevitable. Sometimes the culprit is lack of communication, closeness and/or intimacy. Other times it may be differences in compatibility, personalities, lack of conflict resolution skills, and past hurts make you consistently view conflict resolution as an uphill battle.


When love is at the foundation of a relationship, there is hope for continuous healing, growth, and the opportunity to become closer and develop a stronger connection. Part of our work is facilitating healthy communication, psychoeducation, and providing you with a plethora of tools. Research has indicated that healthy communication and emotional closeness all contribute to marital and relationship satisfaction, and thus we feel honored in helping you walk through this journey!


Have you experienced Trauma? If so, EMDR can help! 


EMDR is a highly effective therapeutic technique, which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. When we experience a traumatic event we create negative beliefs, and emotional triggers including flashbacks, nightmares, fear, worry, and hypervigilance. Our minds and bodies tend to continually relive the trauma resulting in chronic fear of re-experiencing it again, which manifests into numerous somatic and emotional symptoms. EMDR will help you reprocess painful and traumatic memories, release the negative beliefs and emotions associated with it, and find instant relief and peace of mind. 


Hypnotherapy helps you achieve a deep state of relaxation and focus that allows deeper access to the mind. To understand the value of hypnotherapy it’s important to understand the power of the subconscious mind. You can think of your subconscious mind as your guidance system that runs everything in your life and stores all your beliefs, experiences and skills. It senses dangers and opportunity and makes up 90% of your total brain function including unintentional and habitual thoughts behaviors.

Hypnosis is a powerful way to stimulate the communication between the subconscious and conscious minds to gain alignment and achieve success, happiness and the changes you desire. Hypnosis works directly with your subconscious mind to influence cognitive behavior. Our long-held beliefs are stored in our subconscious, and in order to change them we need to alter our consciousness and use the power of positive suggestion to create lasting and effective change.

Use the power of hypnotherapy to help change long-held unconscious patterns and behaviors. Hypnotherapy will help you transform your beliefs and behaviors. When traditional therapy isn’t working, hypnotherapy can be a very successful alternative.

Hypnotherapy can be used to overcome many life challenges and obstacles, including: trauma, fears, anxieties, childhood memories, etc.


     Nosotros nos especializamos en problemas de autoestima, depresión, ira, ansiedad, addicsiones a drogas/alcohol, sexo, o al juego. Nuestro objetivo es iluminar la causa de estos síntomas utilizando hypnosis y otras modalidades. Nuestra passion es sanar la causa de los síntomas, ya que aveces cuando sólo tratamos los síntomas el progreso es temporal antes de recaer de nuevo.

Spanish Therapy

     Those struggling with chemical dependency may have found comfort in alcohol, opiates, benzos, and other substances in order to cope with life’s challenges eventually developing a substance abuse problem. Sometimes the activating event was a single traumatic event or a multitude of them, which triggered the problem. No matter how hard the individual tries to stop, they find themselves in the addiction cycle unable to sustain long-term sobriety.


     At BMS Alignment, we believe in healing the underlying reasons that triggered the substance abuse problem, developing healthier coping skills, and creating a unique treatment plan for the individual works best. Treatment for a substance abuse problem is not a one size fits all which is why our clinical team has a strong background in treating substance abuse patients and integrating talk therapy, EMDR or hypnotherapy in order to find more swift and in-depth healing.

Substance Abuse

    Individuals who struggle with sex addiction utilize porn, love, and masturbation as a means to escape, numb, and find relief from negative emotions and experiences. Sex addiction is no different than how someone with alcohol issues uses alcohol as a means to cope. Sex addiction can be more secretive and as a result, the individual may struggle with intense guilt and shame over his/her behaviors.


    At BMS Alignment we have certified staff specializing in sex addition that have attained extensive training and utilize talk therapy, EMDR or hypnotherapy in order to not just help develop healthier coping skills but also to get to the root of the issue to increase long term relief. Sex addiction is not about the acting out behavior but rather to control and avoid relational pain.

Sex Addiction

    Online therapy, also known as telehealth, is another option to receive mental health services in the convenience of your home.  Having to take time out of a hectic schedule to drive or lack of open appointments can create a significant barrier in accessing  services, thus many have found online therapy to be more convenient and efficient. Patients simply need a safe place with reliable internet and can find that the therapeutic process is the same, but in the comfort of their home without having to worry about taking extra time out of their day to travel to the therapist’s office.

Online Therapy
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