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Additional Staff

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Carrie Cox


Have you ever wondered why you do things a certain way or why you struggle with the same things? Do you feel stressed with big changes? When you don't have the tools to navigate these changes it can leave you feeling tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Together we will help you better understand yourself and long-standing behavior patterns keeping you stuck. My role as your therapist is to offer support, guidance, and insight, and help you build the skills needed to navigate the many changes life throws at you.

I offer a warm and non-judgemental space where you can talk about your struggles. I specialize in working with individuals navigating life changes such as divorce, family conflict, and blended family difficulties. I help those struggling with depression and anxiety, and have a special way of connecting with teens that helps them feel safe and heard.

I use a holistic and eclectic approach which allows me to draw from a variety of evidence-based practices to meet individual needs and help bring long-lasting change. My gentle but directive nature will help you build self-awareness and confidence to be your authentic self.

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