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Online therapy, also known as telehealth, is another option to receive mental health services in the convenience of your home.  Having to take time out of a hectic schedule to drive or lack of open appointments can create a significant barrier in accessing  services, thus many have found online therapy to be more convenient and efficient. Patients simply need a safe place with reliable internet and can find that the therapeutic process is the same, but in the comfort of their home without having to worry about taking extra time out of their day to travel to the therapist’s office.

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At BMS Alignment, we specialize in holistic healing from the inside out. We are a team with a strong clinical background in trauma, addictions, relationship issues, and any unhealed wounds that are impacting you.

We offer EMDR, hypnotherapy, and/or talk therapy in order to provide swift and transformative healing. It is our belief that everyone has their unique set of personal struggles, yet we are all meant to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. It is our intended mission is to help you align your mind, body, and spirit in complete harmony to live the life you desire!

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