About BMS Alignment

At BMS Alignment we specialize in trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship issues and a wide range of addictions including sex, porn, love, and substance abuse. 

Therapy is not just about listening; it's about the client and therapist becoming partners on a journey. Asking for help, especially with private and personal issues can be intimidating. It takes an immense amount of courage to ask for help, and we are here to assist you in navigating through the pain and chaos. Therapy is about continuing to support and empower clients, whether life circumstances are positive or negative. 

We genuinely believe in being able to heal someone at a level that is deeper than the surface. In our years of experience, we have come to recognize that we can aid clients in experiencing deep healing at the soul level. With the proper guidance in therapy, it can be life-changing, spiritual, magical, and transformative. 

Family at a Beach

Meet Our Founder

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Mayra Iniguez


Over the years I have experienced and overcome many personal challenges which has fueled my desire to inspire others to do the same, and provide healing. Although my professional title is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, many who know me may also consider me to be similar to a Life Coach or Mentor.

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What Is It Like Working With Me?


My clients have stated that I am compassionate and create a safe place for them to express themselves. Therapy addresses difficult and long-avoided emotions, and thus it is my role to first and foremost establish a warm and loving holding space to allow you to process these emotions.


Sometimes clients feel shameful and embarrassed to address past mistakes, or aspects about themselves they are not proud of. The purpose of your therapy session is to create a unique space that is free of judgment, is accepting, and is unbiased.

Positive and Optimistic:

My clients say that I bring warmth and positive energy into the room. My role as your therapist is to consistently try to elevate my spiritual vibration in order to illuminate positivity, peace, and provide unconditional positive regard for all clients. 

I am grateful and fortunate to be able to guide, mentor, inspire, and instill hop in clients lives. As a therapist working collaboratively with clients, together we can co-create positive change and can manifest evolution and emotional breakthroughs if you are open to the process!

Additional Staff

Carrie Cox


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My role as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Associate Professional Clinical Counselor allows me to be a part of something special and support clients on their journey to healing and leading a life of sobriety. If you are struggling with substance abuse, feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed, I provide a safe space to share your struggles.


My eclectic approach allows me to adapt treatment to meet the individual needs of the client while partnering wit them and joining them where they are in their journey. I use a variety of techniques that focus on the positive and creating solutions to assist you in healing. Together we will identify patterns that are no longer serving you and keeping you from experiencing the life you want. 

Do you want to:

  • Lead a life of sobriety?

  • Improve your self-esteem?

  • Recover from trauma?

  • Heal from shame and guilt?

  • Improve relationships?

  • Lessen anxiety?

I will help you discover what may be keeping you stuck and help you heal, move forward, and discover new possibilities. 

Together we will focus on your strengths and not get stuck in problem talk, and focus on moving forward and helping you become your best self.